Thursday, September 20, 2007

Analyze This

I'm watching Analyze this right now. It's kind of funny, mostly just amusing at the moment. Let me just say right off the bat that Robert DeNiro cannot cry on film. It was so incredibly fake, I really thought that he was supposed to be fake crying as part of the story, but it wasn't the case.

But let me talk more about Billy Crystal. I have not seen him play any role other than this one, excepting the princess bride Miracle Max role. But in everything else, he plays an insincere, relationally inept, semi-intellectual woose. Here he's a psychiatrist, and though he can fit the role well, I'm just tired of it. It's not interesting, when the schmuck is lying to his fiance/wife, because he can't seem to bear to tell someone the truth, for almost no reason whatsoever. Insincerity drips from Billy Crystal's mouth in every role he plays, and it's just not interesting anymore.

Other than that, it's fun to watch Deniro go ape nuts and run his mouth off in angry tirades.

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