Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things Going Good

My tomatoes have been ripening, finally. We picked and ate the first one about a week ago, Cassie and I. We were invited to dinner by another couple, and we ate it with them. It was probably the best tomato I've ever eaten. So incredibly juicy and tasty.

Anyway, life is going well. I'm looking forward to getting married. For those that are wondering, the invitations are going out soon. I'm really looking forward to living with my new wife. Seeing one another every day, with the convenience of not having to walk one another to the door to say goodnight. I'm incredibly thankful and happy about it.

I finished the third draft of my novel recently. So I just want to ask people to pray for me, because I really want to get it published, and I need to get the attention of an agent/publisher to do so. It's exciting to me, and I really want it to happen soon. So thanks in advance for your prayers.

Pray for my brother, too. He's in Nepal., for anyone who's interested. He updates his blog more frequently when he's out of the country than when he's home.

I just want to thank God and everyone else, because I'm so happy right now, with life and all the good things happening. God is very good to me. Thanks

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jake's wife to be said...

you are a beautiful and wonderful Man!