Saturday, December 30, 2006

My first day in Salt Lake - didn't see the sights

I made it to Salt Lake City on the 29th, around 2:30. I slept a little, but I don't think it was enough, because later that night I felt feverish. And then the next day I was bedridden the entire day with sickness, most likely brought on by exhaustion. I slept most of the night, too, and then I got up today at 10:30. I felt a lot better, but I might need to sleep some more today. Anyway, not much else going on. Lots of sleeping, lots of spitting, lots of drinking water. A little bit of socializing, a little bit of eating (basically as much as I can handle of either at the moment) and a little bit of moving away from my bed. And that's it for now. I should be fine by tonight. I think I just pushed myself too hard.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The words I just can't say right in person

I am not very good at speaking sentimentally, especially in front of too many people. I just wanted to say how much I will miss everyone here in Minnesota. I spent this evening with some friends from Solomon's Porch. I didn't express very well how much you all mean to me. These past four years have not been my easiest stretch of life, but SP has been a solid foundation for me, a bastion of strength for my soul, and the spirit has strung himself through our meetings, our comings and goings, our simple interactions. I can think of no group of people I would rather call my friends. And aside from my actual family, I can think of no other people I would rather call my family. You have each blessed me in your own special ways.

I did not expect to cry when I left. I've been so sure of my destination, so unflinching in my resolve, I've given little thought to how much I will leave behind. People have asked me if I am nervous, and I invariably say no, because I can find no doubts in my mind about my choice to leave. But this past week I have felt wasted and tense and plagued by headaches, and I find myself needing to let loose, to shed tears, craving to exhaust the unasnwered pangs of loss and release the flood of sorrow. I love you all deeply. I can only leave with you this message of my deepest affection and my utmost gratitude. Though I leave now, please know that I will be with you in spirit. My prayers and my thoughts are with you. May the peace of Christ hover over you always, and may God bless you with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for your love and encouragement.

With great affection and with tears, I bid you all a good New Year, and I hope to see you again soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas season

This past Sunday was the last performance of Edgardo Mine at the Guthrie. It's something I'm really glad I did. After several weeks of doing eight performances every week, I can honestly say that I would love to do this for a career. I love the crowds, the feel of the stage, the costumes, the acting, the energy of throwing a performance. It's a great time and working with great people is definitely a plus.

So now it's the Christmas season, and other than preparing presents and enjoying time with family and friends, I'm mostly just waiting to go to Utah, where I can spend a lot more time with someone special. I leave on the 27th, so pray for me and wish me well.

My book is coming along. I've found that I actually really enjoy editing. It's difficult when I come across a scene that I don't really like and I'm not really into it, but sometimes I get to enjoy my own writing, which is great. The rough draft I finished just a couple of weeks ago, and I hope to have the second draft done by the end of January, at which point I'll send it to some friends of mine to look at and see if it's any good, maybe give some feedback.

Otherwise, that's it for me at the moment. I don't really have any interesting thoughts or insights at the moment so I'll just leave you with some fine words:

Pom-Pom... what's up my main... man... my dawg... my ace in the hole... second place.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


A little snipet of conversation with my Dad, which based on a couple of comments from a member of the Edgardo cast about astrology, have caused me to think a little more in depth about it. I'm kind of an open-minded person - I think there are a lot of strange, unaccountable things that people believe and really might have some grain of truth in them. My dad, of course indicated that astrology is a bunch of bunk, and I commented that I thought perhaps there might be something to it, though I'm not sure how much. So here are a few of my thoughts on it, though I haven't taken a lot of time to reason it out or do any real research.

I'll start with biblical authority, since I happen to have a degree in biblical studies and I still believe a lot of that stuff is very important. No, my degree in biblical studies did not go in depth on the topic of astrology. But there are certain places mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures in which "divination" is forbidden. I have heard before of people linking this idea to astrology. It is basically saying that astrology is a form of divination, consulting the stars for guidance and truth. Most of those passages refer to mediums and spiritists, consulting the dead. So I dont' think it is talking about astrology. If it is, then I do not really understand why. If it's a complete load of bunk, a bunch of meaningless chatter from idiots who are obsessed with the alignment of the stars for no reason whatever, then who cares that much if someone dabbles in it? It hardly warrants that kind of sanction. It would be more something parents would tell their children: don't pay any attention to that load of crap, it's all hogwash. But what would cause the parent to say: Don't you ever, ever get caught up in any of that astrology crap, you hear me? To me that sounds like it might be dangerous. What's dangerous about people imagining that the stars might mean something? I mean the worst that can happen is that someone will think the end of the world is coming and decide to stop working. But people do that for many reasons, some of which are not half bad. Anyway, that's all to say that if astrology is included in those scriptures, which I in some small way doubt, then I have no idea why, though frankly I'm not completely sure why people shouldn't consult the dead, except I know there is some really freaky stuff there.

Next on the biblical issues: the wise men. There's a little-known story, I know not many people have heard of it, about a little baby being born to a man and woman named Joseph and Mary. And at his birth, over his little manger bed, a star appeared in the heavens. Lo and behold, the Messiah is born, and a star appears in the sky. Bear with me if you've heard this one before, but I'm thinking most of you haven't. This is not just some random star that made someone go, huh, I think the sky is brighter tonight. Apparently some "magi" in the east saw the star and decided it was really really important and they wanted to follow it. In fact, presumably because of their astrology, they knew that it was a very significant star and it was a portent for the birth of a great child, so they brought gifts, very expensive gifts, and when they came they told Herod that they wanted to worship the child. Now I'm sure the response from the anti-astrology crusader would be that the birth of Christ was so important that it reached into areas of life in which God was not previously a part. In other words, astrology really doesn't mean anything, but because God wanted to reach those who practiced astrology, he sent them a sign that did mean something so that they would come and worship him. A good argument, I suppose, if you need a justification. I don't know why God couldn't have spoken to them in dreams, like he did everyone else, instead of validating their "faulty" practices with his involvment, but whatever. Biblically speaking, the star is never attributed to God's actions. And of course, I know that God's actions must be involved, but let's not banty words.

I've known several God-fearing people, who actually put a lot of stock in astrology, and though they are a little weird, I do not have enough knowledge to dispute their claims, nor do I have any desire to do so. I find it interesting in a world filled with so much mystery and created with so much enigma, that we are so scared of believing in the mysterious and strange. Those who adore and worship God should be especially attuned to the mystery and wonder of the world, and yet we seem to be the most fearful. I am not saying we become slavering idiots who believe every little thing they are told. Did I say that anywhere? Anyway, just some thoughts. I'm interested to hear what other people know or believe about this stuff.