Thursday, May 06, 2010

And he who has not, even what he has will be taken from him

They used to tell me that I would only meet the right girl when I wasn't looking for her. I always said that was stupid and cliche, not to mention incredibly frustrating. When I went to Africa, people said I'd meet someone and end up married. I replied that that was ridiculous and there was no way I would end up fitting that stereotype. When I met Cassie, I told myself that it was nothing. I said that nothing serious was happening - it was just the excitement and freedom of being overseas in a strange place with new people. As time progressed, of course, I began to see things differently, but the point is, it came when I wasn't looking, when I wasn't worrying or fretting about anything happening.

So I've been wondering if that's just the way things are in all of life. It seems we don't get something until we are content with what we have already. Those who miss out are plagued with the desire for the unattainable. Maybe this is what Jesus was talking about, when he said that those who have will be given more, and those who do not have, even what they have will be taken from them. It's a weird comment, and not a lot of preachers will dwell on it. I believe he was talking more about responsibilities and (the parable of the talents), but if you think about it, he's really talking about what we're doing with what we've already been given. If we take what we've been given and do something with it, then we receive more. When we sit on what we've been given, hide it, keep it safe and secret, then we've wasted our gifts. How many of us spend our lives wishing for things we don't have, all the while burying our gifts and talents. Maybe it really is that simple.

So I've been listening to a lot of ideas recently about being thankful for what you have, about living in the present, savoring the moment, making the most of opportunities, etc. And basically, I'm thinking that we not only have a the opportunity to live life to the full with what we have, but we have an obligation to make the most of all that we've been given, whether that's ten talents or just one. Otherwise, we can expect to lose even the little that we've been given. I don't know if that applies to everything: money, career, personal fulfillment, spiritual sanctity, etc, but it seems like it does. It seems like that's the way it works with all facets of life.

We tend to take Jesus words and only apply them to so-called "spiritual" issues, but I think we miss that there is a pattern in life that applies to everything, something that ties spiritual and temporal together. The scriptures say to do ALL things as unto the Lord. It says to receive all things with thanksgiving. In the meantime, we should seek first the kingdom of heaven and store up for ourselves treasure in heaven. But let us not forget to live life now.