Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tomorrow, Today, politicians, and 24

Tomorrow I go to orientation for my inventory counting job. And then Thursday is my audition for Les Miz. I hope I do well. I pray that I can really wow them. Tomorrow night I'm going to a comedy club with Cassie for her birthday, which is Friday. That should be fun, too.

Let's see. I was in my room most of the day today. Not much was happening. After dinner I went up to my room again and prayed and then I felt in kind of a weird mood. I played guitar with the lights off, and it was really cool. I don't know why I did this. I'm not gonna lie: I like the dark. I can't see in the dark, but I like the dark. There's something peaceful about not using your eyes. There's something relaxing about the lack of visual stimulation. There's something deep and wondrous about it.

During dinner, the Moores, the couple I am staying with, were watching the Utah state address, I think from the governor or something. The politicians who spoke, first the governor (I never heard who it was, but I'm assuming) and then some democrat minority leaders who were responding to the address, were all completely bland. The issues would have been no less emotional and idealistic if a a robot were presenting them. I swear, it takes a good deal of talent to talk about an important issue like health care for children and make it sound completely unimportant. I mean, the words were there, telling everyone how important it was, but not only were there decidedly no solutions offered to suit the dilemma of American children without decent health care, but the man's tone was so bland, that one was encouraged to think no more of it than of last week's board meeting about cost effective management for the showerhead department.

Speaking of showerheads, the one I use is no good. It does not turn more than half an inch in any direction, and it comes up to my chest. The pressure is fine and the temperature is easily manageable, what's the point of a showerhead that does not reach the other side of the tub at need. There's nothing more important to have in your bathroom than a showerhead on a hose, which will reach over to the other side and wash away gross things. I won't say any more about that, because I do not want to gross anyone out. I'll let your imaginations do that for you.

Cassie and I started reading Lord of the Rings, which I find very enjoyable. I've never read the books out loud before, so it's kind of a new experience, even though I've read them to myself about seven times. That story is so wonderful. It is slow-going, though, since we're reading it together and have to match our times with one another. But we've seen a lot of each other in the past week, with has been quite enjoyable to me. But still, a day like today, I could have read for hours at a time. But that's alright.

I kept quite busy this evening with editing my book. I finished two chapters today, and I enjoyed them both thoroughly. That's a very nice change. The end of the first installment was difficult to get through, but now more interesting stuff is happening, I think. I hope my future readers will not be turned off before the reach the exciting parts, but I really don't know how I could make the earlier parts more exciting. It's hardly anything like 24, nonstop action from the get-go, and I don't think I'd much like it if it were.

Speaking of 24, I'm not sure what I think of the season premier. I mean, I was enthralled as usual. But I have to admit, I hate Chloe again. Her first season was annoying. The next one she grew on me. The last one she was like my favorite. And this was she's back to annoying and I kind of hope she dies this season. If it were not a fictional story, I'd feel bad about that, but I don't. I can't believe about Jack and Curtis. That's just nuts. The bomb was nuts too. My mouth was open for some time. So that was cool. I'm still wondering, though, what the Chinese have to do with everything. They never said what deal the president made with the Chinese for Jack's release, and I can't help believing that that issue will come back to haunt them. Oh and the first bombing that they showed, where the bus driver wouldn't let the arab guy on the bus and he drove away. Correct me if I'm wrong but the guy who was sitting on the bus and actually pulled the trigger... was Chinese, was he not? Cassie seemed to disagree with me in recalling the scene, but I'm quite certain that was the case. Anyway, it was cool. I'll still watch it.

That's all for now. I guess I'm kind of in a writing mood. Things are going well. Later

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