Sunday, January 14, 2007

Google and my current state of affairs

There it is - yet another friendly neighborhood internet device has fallen to the great devourer. I log on to my blogger page and what do I find, but that I now need a Google account so that my blogger material can work with Google from now on. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sick of this internet powerhouse gobbling up all the nice hometown sites that everyone loves. Today it's YouTube, tomorrow... who knows? the Moon!!! It's scary.

Anyway, my time in Salt Lake is going fine. It's great to be with my girl, and it's been a fun time doing lots of puzzles. I audition for Les Miz this week, Thursday. And I start an inventory counting job this week as well. A flexible little ten dollar an hour gig, replaceable, but will make me money for the time being. It was weird. I went in to fill out an application, which didn't even ask for personal references, which was nice because I forgot most of my contact list in Minnesota. But then I had to take a math test. I had like five minutes to answer at least 21 questions right. They were all counting questions, visual kind of stuff. I finished 36 questions and got them all right, which I suppose is why they told me to come to orientation on Wednesday evening and to help out on Thursday morning with their Kohl's counting. So it should be cool. I like that I won't be doing customer service for now. Restaurant service, specifically, though I suppose the money would probably be better. That's alright. I like the flexibility of this one.

I'm not sick anymore, even my sore throat seems completely gone. It lingered for quite a while. I have to admit that Salt Lake is definitely a different place. I mean, I've only really lived in Minnesota and Chicago, and admittedly those two were different enough in their way, but this place is strange to both. Anyway, my writing is going slower than expected. I suppose part of that was my sickness. I was always tired, exhausted, for a good week, and I fell behind on my editing. It's good, though, that the last couple of chapters have been more interesting to me, and I've needed to do less changes. The first installment (the first of five 60-70 page sections) was difficult and required the most changes, because it was during that time when I was still figuring things out with the plot, the backstory, the characters, everything. And my writing had yet to reach its stride. Once I got into the second installment, it was much smoother, and the characterization came out more captivating. So I'm happy with it, but I've got a lot of work to do.

That's it for now. Down with Google. I'm not moving my site, though.

Oh, one more thing. People asked for my address. My first thought about posting my new address on here, is that other people, worried people, might be afraid of creepy people seeing it and doing something crazy, which would really just be a bad thing for the people I'm living with. But I actually think that's silly. So, I'm writing this as a disclaimer for those who might think along those lines and wish to chastise me for putting "personal information" on display on the net. You're silly!

3939 Starwood St., West Valley City, UT 84120

That's my address, if anyone wants to send snail mail. And to all creepy people, just leave me alone. That should do the trick. Until next time. Hopefully, I'll have good things to say (about auditions and such).

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