Friday, August 11, 2006

the tug

I've been thinking a lot about my future in my time after leaving Kadesh and on my way to Jo-Burg and back to the states. I'll be arriving in Minneapolis on the 16th, and I have to figure out what to do. I just want to ask people who are paying attention and who are interested in my life to pray for me about this. It is something that I have asked before, and I am optimistic about things turning out well. But I have important decisions ahead of me, and I am really concerned that I do not become stagnant. I've suggested before, if not on this blog, to several people that I have been feeling a tug in my life to move on. It started some time last winter, when I was planning this trip to Africa with Andrew, I began to feel that afterwards I would need to move on to something else, very likely some place else. I had a few ideas of what I would do, but I did not have any likely opportunities, and I was basically trusting that God would make it clear to me when I returned, that the opportunities I needed would open up for me and I would know what to do and do it. I thought that it was possible that my trip to Africa could lead to something else in my life, some other direction and occupation for my energy and time.

I will not go into details here, but I will confess that such an opportunity has come up, for me to take a step I had not foreseen, and it would involve me moving to another place, and it would allow me to pursue the central interests in my life. This is exciting to me, as well as frightening. I continually find objections in my mind, mostly related to discomfort. I would be going into the unknown and trying something that has no guarantee of success, and possibly less chance than many other endeavors. This is not something I feel I need advice about; it is a decision I will need to make on my own (relatively speaking, though no decision or endeavor is entirely on one's own). But I would very much appreciate prayer, as well as support and faith from those who are close to me.

So anyway, we'll see what the Spirit brings my way, but like I said, I am very optimistic, and my trust in God has been growing, and I want to live my life by faith in him. So that's how things are with me right now. I need a book to read, but otherwise, I am enjoying some rest and keeping my mind active and my life balanced and centered and all that good stuff. I'll see many of you in a little over a week.


jeannine said...

Come to Indiana! Derrick and I were thinking that when you come to see the baby, you should just stay here. :)
love ya, see ya soon, safe travels, and much prayer.
Big Sis

srchngformystry said...

you should do what makes you feel uncomfortable. this is your souls way of challenging you.

do it! God is with you.

Anna said...

Execpt for its few moments of pain, life is a lot of fun, and I find the uncertainty to be one of its greatest blessings. That may not make any sense, but I love not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Anyway, I am convinced that you would be successful in almost anything you attempt to do, if you really want it, so I think whatever you decide with God's guidence will be terrific.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great and yet uncomfortable place to be. I just recently spent some time in El Salvador and throughout the trip I also felt the lord tugging on my heart. Where this tug is taking me I do not know, but what I do know is that we have an amazing God who has huge, adventureous plans for our my prayer for you is that you will wait on the lord saying yes to now, but also ready at his will to pick you up and place you when the door of opportunity opens. I am still searching and seeking, but I do know that when the time is will know! A part of the adventure is saying yes to new and possibly uncomfortable opportunities that the lord has opened for us:) I hope you live to the fullest the life we have been given here on earth. We do only have one opportunity:)!!
Best wishes on your season of uncomfortable tugging!!!