Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tyler Durden's words of wisdom

"Things you own end up owning you," says Tyler Durden, in the movie "Fight Club." I know, this isn't exactly a new movie. I've seen it before, but it's on television right now. It really is an amazing movie. The things they talk about and the things they do. They touch at a sensitive nerve in our society. The man's apartment blows up as he is returning to his home. The guy is worried about his things. Like every sad person in this consumeristic society, he is trapped in the lifestyle. He can't ask for help or for a place to stay. "Three rounds of beers and you still can't ask," says Tyler. The neverending need for something more, something deeper, filling the gaps with plane trips and support groups, they find can only be stymied by pain. They find out that even though they couldn't find fulfillment or peace, at least they could feel. So pain felt good. It's strange. They obviously went the wrong way. But it's like opening up a gaping wound. Once the blood starts pouring, you can't just ignore it. I think this is partly why I'm really excited to go to Africa. I'm getting up and leaving everything behind. Granted, I'll put a lot of stuff in storage and I'll come back to it. But I'm giving up my job and my apartment and what I've known as my life for the past two or three years. It seems to open up the door to the possibilities. And of course, I get to go to a far away place and connect with a very different people and serve and love and bless people and be blessed. I'm excited about that too.

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Anna said...

I'm reading "The Power of One" right now. It's about this boy who grows up in South Africa and becomes a boxer. Anyway, I think you would like it. You should read it. I'm thinking about going back to Boston for the summer, which is kind of scary. Not like Africa. But for me right now, it would be a big step.