Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm in this strange mood. I'm talking to this girl that I don't know very well, and all I know is that she's going through a really tough time. She's not really giving me any details. Which is fine - I wouldn't expect it from a fairly recent acquaintance. But I get the sense that these problems are tearing her apart inside, and I imagine her crying her eyes out while she's alone at night. It has put me in this weird mood, this passive perception on the suffering of life. Everyone has it - those times of excruciating emotional hardship. For some it's worse than others and longer-lasting. For some it's momentary and not quite as acute. But everyone has it. It's part of life. Death and pain happen and we live it and suffer through it and endure what we must with hope. But how can God stand it? The acute awareness of all the suffering going on in the world must be tearing him apart. If I dwell on it, I... I can't really manage it.

God help this girl to deal with her torment. Bring her peace and calm her storm. Show her your great love; be kind and compassionate to her, and bring her the desires of her heart. Bring her joy, and help her to hold on to hope. Be her strong tower and shelter her from the cruel storms in her life. Help her to grow deep roots in your love and goodness. Nourish her soul with your good things. Aid her in her distress, and give her peace.

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