Thursday, March 30, 2006

A cool little exercise for poetry

So I finally found a good use for the newspaper. I don't usually buy the newspaper, but they've been sending me free ones, in an attempt to get me to sign up for their weekend deal and all that crap. I like knowing what's going on in the world. I just don't like reading about it. haha. No really, I just don't find newspaperstories interesting. I like world news, but it often gets sidelined into little tidbit sections that are not only not very thorough, but are sometimes slanted. I really just don't care to hear about stupid sports teams or the problems we're having with road rage. But I did come up with a fancy use for the paper. It could be a trick you could use with any writing, but the paper is often available and it's something you can write on without caring about it. So I underlined every fifth word. Then I started a poem, in which each line started with every fifth word in a newspaper article and was five syllables long. I don't know why five and five seemed to fit, but it did. It was different and it got me to think outside of my own usual parameters. But it gave me guidelines, so that I was forced to come up with something specific. Here's the (roughly) finished product, if you're interested:

That dress that you wear
plans to uncork me,
the wine spilling forth,
that flows down my face.
Piloted through the
white expanse of sky,
two layers of cloud -
a flight to heaven
that lets me down fast.
Is it just me that
spends my life dreaming?
Life, like a bottle,
in its case of gold.
He fell in the depths
Accompanied her
into elation.

It doesn't always make a lot of sense. But I think there's some good thematic material there and it flows okay. It's more interesting and better than some of my other recent stuff. (recent being the past year or so, during which poetry has not been on my list of grand schemes). So try it out, if you like to do poetry. It's a fun little exercise. Another one, which I tried once before, is to take your social security number, and each line has to have the number of syllables respective to the digits of your number. Can't let that one get out, though. haha. Anyway, that's all for now.


srchngformystry said...

wow...very suggestive. thats what actually makes it sexy.

Jake said...

Wow, it is pretty suggestive. I hadn't really noticed. It was just feelings trying to fit into five-syllable phrases. Interesting.