Sunday, April 09, 2006

This is so DuMb:

This story seriously belongs in the Onion. I don't always read the paper, but I was doing my poetry thing, and this was on the same page from Local News, Pioneer Press, March 28:

Peeps make a quiet stand
The Easter bunny's expulsion prompts a marshmallow defense

"Marshmallow Peeps, the popular Easter candy made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin, have become a new symbol of protest in St. Paul these days.
The "Vision of Peace," a 36-foot, 60-ton onyx City Hall statue of American Indians, has become the stage for a peculiar form of civil discourse. Since last week's decision to kick the Easter Bunny out of a City Council office, a handful of employees have ringed the statue with the spongy chick- and rabbit-shaped candies.
Two laminated signs even announce the statue's temporary new moniker - "Vision of Peeps."
It began last week, when someone left a couple of peeps boxes at the base of the statue. But over the weekend the marshmallow critters, as rabbits tend to do, multiplied. There are now about two dozen boxes...
... News of the Easter Bunny's exile fanned out across the country Thursday, leading to an angry backlash. But around City Hall, the story was met with humor. Myor Chris Colema, tongue planted firmly in cheek, said that a bunny was a vicious animal bent on attacking small children..."

You get the idea. Funny stuff. I have no disrespect to the writer of this article. He was pretty humorous about it himself and clearly being playful about the whole ordeal. But the fact that this would happen... It's just a knee-jerker, that's all it is. Er... a... knee-slapper. ... a tear-jerker? Whatever - What is up with our people?? Minnesota's a nutty place.

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