Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Week

It's Holy Week, and I think I'm supposed to be busy this week. Lots of stuff has been going on. Grandpa's 75th birthday - that was kinda cool. Actually, it was the most I've enjoyed time with my extended family in quite some time. I dont' know why - maybe I was just more relaxed or they were cooler or I don't know. Maybe 'cause it was all adults and older people. I don't know. It just felt good to celebrate Grandpa Patrick Cullen.

Today, I've had a lot of work to do with music stuff: learning a new song for Friday night, finishing the one I'm writing/adapting for Easter, transposing hymns to sing for Sunday morning and picking out what to sing at all. I'm finally done with it all and it's only a half hour til practice. Then tomorrow night it's off to the Porch for the prayer vigil. I'll be sitting around for a few hours while other people pray. I'm hoping somebody doesn't show up, so I can probably take a turn. But it doesn't matter. I don't think I'll go to the foot-washing earlier that evening. I went last year, and to be honest, I was bored. I dont' think footwashing carries nearly enough weight in today's culture for it to be as meaningful an experience. We should rather just take the lesson from the narrative and serve one another in ways that are needed. I don't need anyone to wash my feet. They're rarely even dirty.

Friday night is the Good Friday service at ER. That shouldn't be too difficult: I'm only singing a couple of songs. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get "My Jesus" ready to play by that time, but I'll try. It's hard to remember how everything goes, because there are way to many words. He keeps changing them so there isn't a consistent chorus or anything. It's thematically the same but even the melody changes sometimes. And he stuffs long phrases into short segments, so I can never remember how they're supposed to come out.

Saturday, a friend of mine is in town and he's gonna have a barbeque and a bunch of people over and maybe play poker. Fun stuff.

And of course Sunday is Easter. That will be a busy day. I'm glad I have my song done. I don't know why I'm so hesitant to play songs I've played before. But if it isn't new... I dont' know. Maybe it makes me feel like I dropped the ball for the year when I don't have something new to play. Whatever. It'll be fun. I've come up with a new song, although it's an adaptation of a cheesy hymn. I like my version, though. It sounds better and it uses a lot of the same words, though not all.

Anyway, here's to the most boring bit of blog rambling I've ever done. Cheers!

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Anna said...

I ended up going with Jenne to her Seder, so all was good. They drink four glasses of wine! My God! After two, I was so sure that if I had any more I wouldn't be able to drive home that I had to be a wuss and switch to grape juice. It was actually a lot of fun. Elijah drank his wine (or maybe no one gave him any, but I like to think he drank it, when I looked it was gone. Maybe it was like Santa's cookies or something) and I asked if that meant that the Messiah had come in the door and Jenne said she didn't know. But probably not.
Are you doing your song for Solomon's Porch or for your other church? I'm actually considering getting up for the sunrise service this Sunday. I've heard the food is quite good.