Saturday, April 08, 2006

Same system, new poem

It is strange to me how I can use the same system only a week later, and come up with something entirely different. Granted, it was a different article. But keep in mind, this is the same poetry exercise I mentioned in a previous blog. Every first word was every fifth word in a newspaper article. But really anything could have come from those words. I could have gone any way with them I wanted, really. I still find it kind of cool. Anyway, here's my next poem, using my patented Fifth Word, Five Syllable System. No it's not actually patented. I just made that up. hahah...
Here it is:

Monday made me brash
Would that I could care
For life enough to
Sieze my precious time
And live outside my
Private dreams and fears.

The time plods by, made
Of motions wooden,
Property is not
Expected as a
Version of the self.

Weeks go by and I,
Passed out under my
Desk, am brought before
The confines they set,
Of home and status,
Seeking my fortune,
Power to conquer,
After I'm emptied,
Ruled by fear's scepter.

Tear through the middle.
Make my hole in it
And emerge without.
This will be my quest,
Passed by the desert
Of my great folly.
The prison casts my
Vote, which I have lost.

The way is hidden.
New roads must be made,
Most of them yellow.
They shine brightly now.

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