Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm hilarious

I just read my last post, and

DAMN, I'm hilarious.


Anna said...

Jacob, you're not hilarious, if your writing that to discount what you wrote previously. On the other hand, you are quite funny and likable.
I think what you wrote was very true. I think you should stay being picky and keep waiting for your queen to come. She will. And then you will be so glad that you waited.
I think in life I haven't been picky enough, so now when I meet a guy I really like, it's like, shoot, why did I waste all of that time? I guess it's hard to know sometimes.

Jake said...

No, I do not, in any way, intend to discount what I said in the previous post. I stick by everything I said as a carefully crafted, funnily spoken version of the truth.

Jake said...

And don't contradict me!


Anna said...

you had to come back twleve hours later to tell me not to contradict you? Do I do that often? I agree with everything you said. So there.