Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mime Show

I never knew a mime show could be so awesome. It still amazes me, a day and a half later, how funny one man can be with just a big fake rock. No words, just motions and a prop, and it is constantly entertaining. How is that possible?

It makes me think of humor. Some people I know only know a few sorts of humor. Like people I knew in Junior high (not friends - I didn't have friends then), they think something is funny if (1) someone is insulted or (2) the topic of conversation is somehow related to something perverse or sexual. Of course, the best form of humor for these types is some combination of the two. If you can insult someone in a way that is as crude as possible, then you've got their attention. The insulting thing doesn't bother me too much, if it's witty and in good form, not coarse or spiteful. But seriously, it's not the only thing to do. Let me introduce these types out there to my friend with the rock. He doesn't even need to speak. All he needs is a rock. Now that takes talent.

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