Sunday, July 11, 2004


I would just like to point out that girls are the most frustrating creatures on the planet. Now, to be sure, men may often be frustrating to them, perhaps almost as well. But from my observation, male persons tend to be a bit more straightforward about how they feel. Girls, however refuse to be straight with people. Now before getting all mad at me for unjust comments, let me make a small disclaimer. There exist in the world some women and some men who do not fit the mold. That said, just let me generalize for a minute. A girl will smile at a guy one minute, you know, one of those sweet smiles that says there's something special about you and she really enjoys your company, and the next minute she'll completely ignore you, as if you didn't exist. A man on the other side, if he smiles in a way that says you're special, though he may not smile in a minute, he is much less likely to stop paying attention. So it just seems that a girl would have a much easier time knowing what to think about a guy. And if there is a girl who begs to argue otherwise, let me just tell her to pay a little more attention. A guy smiles and looks into your eyes as if he likes you, he most likely LIKES YOU. If he consistently faces the other way and acts like he's bored with talking to you, he's probably UNINTERESTED. He vascilates between the two, It's because he can't make up his mind. And if someone tells me that girls are in any way the same, then I must propose that I have never met a girl able to make up her mind. Well, no, I take that back. I've met girls who are uninterested, too. And maybe I haven't met a girl who is interested. Ugh. You're all making me depressed, with your impeccable arguments. No, I swear, I know of girls who have been interested in me. And usually, like a standard male, I have in such circumstances done my best to express my disinterest. Sad, I know. Anyway, still the most frustrating creatures ever.

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