Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In eleven days, I am getting married. When I take a step back to observe myself and all that is going on in my life, it just seems so strange. For years I ached for the kind of relationship I have with Cassie, and now... I'm in such a different place. It's a great feeling, but I can hardly believe that it's happening. I mean, when I'm going about my days, preparing for the wedding, going to work and talking about the upcoming event, moving into our new apartment, and going to target with my fiance (we seem to go there about two or three times a week, haha), it's like it's always been this way and always will be, but then I think back and remember the many states I have been in, states of longing and pain, or states of joy and freedom, and I wonder at the strange and sudden twists and turns in life. I think God every day for my life and for Cassie, and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.

I moved into our new apartment this weekend. Cassie will be moving her stuff in next weekend, and then I still have a bunch of stuff to bring from Minneapolis. But for now we've got the essentials: Internet, a BED, Toilet Paper, you know - the stuff you can't live without (hah). Anyway, I love it. I love getting up in the morning and having the place to myself, and walking around in my bedclothes or less. I love having Cassie over, having a place for just the two of us.

I want to write some thoughts, deep thoughts, but I'm not sure if I have any, and I have to go get ready for work. So I'll end here, and just remember to Thank God for every good thing.


Susanna Metzger said...

woot woot! next week, mister!

the soon to be wife said...

tear...and amen to jake's message, and Susanna's!!! and exhale!!!