Thursday, March 01, 2007


I'm thinking of picking up another waitering job. My current inventory counting job is too sporadic, and it might be worse once I take off for nighttime rehearsals at the Grand. I need something more regular in the morning or afternoon hours, and I realize that the serving schedule I used to have would fit in perfectly with my time frames, and it would still be fairly flexible. I have been trying to avoid going back to that, but it seems like it might be necessary. And now that I'm cast in a play and I've finished my second draft to my novel, I feel like I'm still pursuing my dreams and making them a priority. I just need better money. It's not like the pay is terrible, but the hours are bad, and I won't even be able to do many of the ones that I do now. The thing with serving jobs here is that they don't pay minimum wage. It's one of those states that pays less than that because you're making tips. with means I won't be making five or six bucks an hour. It would be more like two to four. So I wouldn't be making as much as I was in Minnesota, where minimum wage went up a few years ago to 6.15, and servers were entitled to it. But anyway, I think it would still be better than what I'm doing. Especially if I worked a lot. We'll see.

I started working on my sequel some more. I started it a while ago. But the other night I was really fleshing out what was going to happen to whom and where and how, and I was coming up with a whole bunch of ideas and it was really fun. I really hope I can get my first one published, and I hope it sells well enough that they'll want another one from me. Creating the story is exciting.

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andrew j. ulasich said...

I was talking with some of my friends just an hour ago about what we'll do this summer. We thought about working on a cruise ship as servers - or as bartenders. And then we thought about just bartending - but not on a cruise ship. I even went as far as checking out a bartending school in Indianapolis. I was going to say you should check out that option, but I suppose rehearsals are at nights (when they need bartenders). But maybe you could work late nights. Whatever. I hope you find a job.