Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Fair Lady

I have good news to share. I got a call earlier today from the Grand Theatre, and they cast me in the role of Freddy in My Fair Lady. The Grand is a community theatre that is connected with the community college. It is a beautiful place. Auditions were on Saturday, and then callbacks were on Tuesday. I seriously wasn't certain what to expect. There were only twelve guys at the callbacks, and seven men were going to be cast, so I thought I had decent chances. But there were three of us younger guys reading and singing for this one part, Freddy, and I wasn't sure, if I didn't get that part over the other two guys, whether there would be an opening in other minor roles for someone of my age/look/etc. I'd say that the two other guys who were reading/singing the same stuff as I were easily more talented that the rest of the men in the audition, and I thought perhaps either of them might be considered more suitable for the role, depending on what the director was looking for. One of them had a look and a composure on stage that I thought could be preferable to mine for that particular role, so anyway... I just wasn't sure. So now I'm in, and that's exciting. I hope at least one of the other younger guys gets in the show, too, because I'm dure I'd have a much harder time connecting with any of the older guys there, whereas, I was already talking easily and getting to know those two. Anyway, I'm thrilled. The show runs from May 4 through May 19, and I believe there a couple of matinees in there. So if anyone thinks they might be in the Salt Lake area around that time, they should stop by and see the show.

In other news, Tuesday night seems to have been a stellar night. Not only did I do well in callbacks, securing myself a good role in a decent community theatre, but Cassie and I went bowling. She bowls regularly on a league, which I think is really cool, and so she's gotten me into the game quite a bit more, and I enjoy going as much as I feel I can afford. So we went bowling that same night, after my callbacks were over, and on our second game I bowled a 213. I had a smile on my face the entire evening, I think. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway, not much else to say right now. I'm still reading Civil Disobedience and Blue Like Jazz, and they are both thought-provoking in their own seperate ways, but I still can't process any significant responses to them yet. So I'll leave it at that.


Jen said...

You do know that Freddy really is the only major character for a young man in that show right? Now that I think of it, you are kind of a Freddy looking kind of guy, though your personality is much better than his. Oh My Fair Lady, what a wonderful show you are and how I would have given my right arm to be Eliza Doolittle if we'd done that show in high school.

andrew j. ulasich said...

congratulations on both. I'm a little jealous of the bowling score. Maybe by the end of bowling class I'll have broken 200. Probably not likely, though.

the Eubanks said...

Yea! That's so cool. I'll have to watch the movie or something, I can't remember who Freddy is. I wish I could come see you! Not likely though, unfortunately. Love ya!