Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dreaming of Tomato Seeds

Last night I dreamed about tomato seeds. Here's the thing: I helped my parents a little bit with gardening, because I kind of want to get into it myself, if I can find the time, and possibly a warmer climate. But I was really interested in figuring out how to harvest my own seeds, instead of buying them at the store. So I looked online, and after searching for quite some time, sifting through all the sites that told you how to grow tomatoes from seed, to find one that was actually about growing and preparing seeds yourself, I finally found one that explained what to do for a variety of vegetable plants. And then as I slept last night, I actually dreamed that I was doing it. I had some tomato pulp in a jar, and for some reason I shook it up (which I'm sure I was not instructed to do), and the tomato seeds separated from the pulp, and there were magically tons more seeds that filled the entire jar. It was bizarre. It's not exactly bizarre to dream about something you're thinking about before you go to bed, but then again, I usually dream about people and running away from or chasing things. I usually dream more about a lot of movement and action, which usually is all a blur and makes very little sense. But this was so vivid and so unfocused on anything I usually carry away from dreams, that I just think it was bizarre. I don't know. Anyway, that's it. gardening is cool.

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