Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today's events, in no particular order, or... chronologically

Today I spilled/dropped three drinks. They crashed to the floor. Thankfully, they didn't mess up any of the rest of my tray, with all the food that was on it, nor did I drop anything else. My balance was fine. I didn't trip or lose my grip on the tray. The glasses just fell, adding to an already stressful situation. I had about four tables come in in the last fifteen or twenty minutes before 4 o'clock, as did my co-worker. But amazingly, I did well enough that people really liked my service and tipped me really well. I don't know how that works. Despite the fact that I got visibly and audibly frustrated with my manager, who was not paying attention, I felt really good about the day. Then I went to our little community group that meets on Tuesday nights and it was awesome too. There's something special about these people I meet with. Something sincere and raw and uplifting. It's not like they've got their lives all together or that they have the most amazing insights, or that we always talk about important things or anything really special happens that I've seen. It just feels good. The conversations and the humor and the eating and relaxing and playing are like what life should be, in my estimation. I am always happy when I'm with them. I'm always laughing and smiling more than at any other time or in any other place, without forcing or trying to be positive. It's very nice. I hope it continues as much as possible. It's kind of the highlight of my week.


Anna said...

did you know rachel lyles links to your blog and calls you an evil evil mafia man?

Jake said...

yeah, I know. I've seen it. Damn proud of it, too. haha