Monday, March 06, 2006

the Power of Music

After a conversation with some people over lunch about the power of music, I've decided to listen to more Bach, which according to some study was concluded to be even better than Mozart for children's development. And though I'm no longer a child, I still think it could be helpful for the furtherance of my mind and my energy and everything else. That, at least is my hope. I'm listening to it right now, and though I feel no greater sense of drive towards making my goals happen, I do feel a greater sense of clarity, like my brain is just better right now than it usually is. It could easily be my imagination, since that is what I expected to happen, but it still feels that way, and I'm going to continue with the experiment.


Anna said...

Hmmm. I have decided to listen entirely to Pedro the Lion for the rest of the week. We should see whose brain power increases more.

Jake said...

That's funny. But how can we tell? Even if your brain does increase more, I'll still beat you in scrabble.

Anna said...

Ok, we need to play a game where it's just you and me, we have plenty of time and no distractions. I don't think we've done that. Then we'll know.

Jake said...

Any place
Any time

... if I'm not busy

... if I feel like it