Saturday, March 18, 2006

stupid survey, which some girl told me I had to take, and because she said so, that makes it true.

I can't believe you're making me do this, Rachel. Well, here it is:

1 0 0 Q u e s t i o n s
01: ever tasted blood?: Other than my own? not that I remember.
02: Made out with JUST a friend?: not really
03: Been rejected?: I'm single, so... you figure it out
04: Been in love?: no, I guess not.
05: Been in lust? yeah, sure
06: Used someone?: open to philosophical interpretation
07: Been used?: see above
08: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?: nope
09: Fooled around with someone of the same sex?: nope
10: Been on a date? yeah
11: Done something you regret?: me? c'mon...

W h o w a s t h e l a s t p e r s o n t h a t . . .
12: You touched?: Shook hands with Mr. Hillestead earlier this evening.
13: You talked to?: see above
14: You hugged?: hmmm... mom, I think
15: You instant messaged?: my brother, I think
17: You yelled at: whoever it was that threw the plates in the wrong place at work.
18: You laughed at?: Rachel Lyles. You're so very good at Mafia, Rachel. *snigger*

D o y o u ?
20: Go to school? no
21: Have a crush?: not right now
22: Color your hair?: no
24: Have Piercings?: no
25: Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: no
26: Floss daily?: um... I plead the fifth
27: Have a best bud?: not really
28: Ever get off the damn computer?: of course... I have to go to work.
29: Sprechen sie deutsche?: Ich spreche ein bischen, verstehe ein bischen. Aber Ich hab' sehr viel vergessen.
30: Hablas espanol?: un poco
31: Do you have a job?: a couple

G e n e r a l Q u e s t i o n s
32: Hobbies?: Does playing poker count?
33: Are you a people person?: I'm working on it
36: Have you been out of the country?: yes
37: When was the last time you went on vacation?: a month ago
38: Are you a virgin?: yes
39: Do you share a room?: no
40: Considered a life of crime?: not seriously
41: Considered being a hooker?: I don't think I'd make much money
42: Considered being a pimp?: In my off hours... no
43: Can you ride a bike?: you're killing me here
44: Can you swim?: yes
45: Schizophrenic?: no... yes... hey... stop it
46: Obsessive?: about some things
47: Obsessive compulsive?: no
48: Panic?: never
49: Anxiety?: no
50: Depressed?: I feel sad sometimes. But no, I don't think so
51: Suicidal?: never give up
52: Obsessed with Hate?: huh?
53: Dream of mutilated bodies?: no
54: Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?: those things? this question doesn't make sense

R a n d o m S t u f f . . .
55: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: With friends
56: What would you be doing?: Well, right now I'm really tired, so we'd be going to sleep, but not together.
57: Do you hate anyone?: I dislike some people's company. I think that's a little different.
58: What are you listening to?: Good ole' Johann Sebastian
59: Can you do anything freakish?: not really
61: Do you have a favorite animal?: white tigers

C u r r e n t l y :
62: Current Clothes: Green shirt. Brown corduroys. bare feet. crappy watch.
63: Current Mood: really tired. I should be in bed
64: Current Taste: saliva?
65: Current Hair: straight. pretty normal. down to ears
66: Current Annoyance: as always, stupid drivers. stupid anything, really.
67: Current Smell: snot?
68: Current thing I ought to be doing: sleeping. this is getting old
69: Current Desktop Picture: "Support the Municipality / We're Onto You"
70: Current Favorite Band: blah, blah, boring
71: Current Book: Alice etc.
72: Current DVD In Player: I put mine away when I'm done
73: Current Refreshment: nothing
74: Current Drama: this stupid survey

F a v o r i t e s :
75: Place: don't make me think
76: Food: make it stop
77: drink: I really liked that whiskey I had tonight.
78: Color: I'm torn
79: Shoes/Sandals: who cares?
80: Candy: are we there yet?
81: Animal: didn't we have this one?
82: Movie: it changes
83: Dance: are we there yet?
84: Vegetable: v... v... vega... vega-wha?

F u t u r e :
85: What do you want to be when you get older?: I'd still like to be human, but I guess a cyborg would be kinda cool.
86: Married?: sometime, I hope
87: Kids?: sometime well after 86
88: Living Where?: wherever. Somewhere warmer than here

T h i s o r T h a t :
89: Gay or straight?: straight
90: Boxers or Briefs?: boxers
91: Reading or Writing: both
92: Basketball or Baseball: no
93: Walking or Running?: sure
94: Face-to-face or Instant Messenger?: presence is important
95: Left or Right?: straight?
96: TV Shows or Movies?: movies. Unless it's 24
97: Britney or Christina?: ...
98: Rap or Rock?: rock
99: Day or Night?: It's night right now
100. What do people call you?: Jacob, Jake, Jakob, tall guy, hey you,

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✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ said...

thanks. i know it was hard. but i am thoroughly pleased. i've really enjoyed reading these from a few people. there are some good quirky questions in there that are fun to see others answers. sweet.