Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I just remembered a dream I've had more than once, and I wanted to write about it, because I love this dream. It's actually always different, but the theme is the same. For some reason, I have never really thought about these dreams outside of the time that I'm actually experiencing them. But I remembered just now that I often have dreams about flying. The funny thing was, the last time I had this dream, I was able to fly by flapping my wings. I don't know if these dreams mean anything. If anyone knows about what dreams supposedly mean, let me know. But I didn't experience them growing up. I used to dream more about falling than flying. I remember one in which I'd get up and walk out of my bedroom and I'd jump down a whole flight of stairs, and I'd float down to the bottom, but I'd still experience that sickening feeling of falling that I hate. I actually like heights and they don't make me woozy or anything. And I'm not really afraid to go sky-diving or bungee-jumping; I just don't think it would feel good. I've gone cliff-jumping before and the rush is kind of cool, but the sensation of your gut coming up your throat is just not pleasant.

Anyway, the sensation of falling is really neither here nor there. I like my more recent dreams of flying much better. One thing about them, which I find very interesting, is that they always involve a great amount of willpower. Whenever I fly in my dreams, it's not like a superman kind of flying, where I just lift my hand up and I'm automatically shooting up into the sky. Sometimes I'm flapping my arms or sometimes they're just splayed out to the sides. But always it involves an effort of the mind. I know the power of the mind is an issue that's been in the forefront of my life evaluation and consciousness, but it still strkes me as interesting that rises to the surface in the form of flying dreams. I don't remember what all happens while I'm flying. I remember a lot of clouds and wind in my last one. I'm never gazing down at the sites. I'm usually just above the trees. It's a great feeling. Anyone remember the movie, The Boy Who Could Fly? I don't remember it, but I remember that it was a movie. I do remember the boy flying out his window, or maybe that was just my imagination. Anyway, I have whacky dreams. I find them fascinating.

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