Saturday, January 28, 2006

Falling off the scaffolding and other interior decorating tips

This afternoon, I woke up - that's right, this afternoon, around 12:30 - and I played poker right away, winning 25 bucks for myself. Very nice, if I do say so. Then I took my shower and thought about what I might wish to do the rest of the day. When suddenly, I remembered, it's Saturday, and people are helping fix up the new space for the church. And they were doing stuff right at that moment, and I had totally forgotten about it until then. So I got dressed, had a small bite to eat and headed out for the a great time of moving furniture and climbing all over the scaffolding. That was the best part. Me and Luc, hammering in staples and shuffling projector cords across the high ceiling of the new church space. I'm guessing it was a good thirty feet up. I'm not really good at measuring with my eyes, but that's my guess. Lot's of joking around and pretending to fall off (wasn't really as bad as it sounds), we proceeded to take the scaffolding apart, which was really fun to try and maneuver and was most likely the most dangerous part of what we were doing. Then we all sat around eating pizza and talking, and still rearranging all the couches and chairs that make up the Solomon's Porch ambiance. I looked around and imagined all the people on a Sunday night who would be enjoying that space, and I was really excited. And no matter how it may sound on "paper", I am not actually the type to get overly excited about anything. I just don't always feel that grand anticipation of something upcoming. But I truly felt it today, like when I was first going off to college, or that time right before going on stage for a great production. It was a good time. Especially so, because I was never really thinking about girls, like I usually do, if I'm not suitably engaged in something.


Anna said...

Bush is annoying me right. I just thought I would say that. That's all. Glad you had fun at church.

Anna said...

Right now I meant. Gosh, he's so annoying I can't write right. But he's still kind of cute. I think I'm feeling kind of randome today.