Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "Don't Do the Dew" Challenge 1

I recently heard about a study that showed that the power to resist temptation improves with practice. Previous to this I always figured that the best way to resist would be to avoid temptations. If your temptation is food, avoid the temptation to eat too much by not buying very mush, or whatever you can do to decrease exposure to such feelings. But listening to this I came up with an idea.

I like Mountain Dew, and I find that if I drink one, I typically feel the urge to drink another within a couple of hours (especially if I'm at home doing low key activities). Not only would I like to be strong enough to just say no to Mountain Dew when I feel the urge to drink one but don't think it's a very good idea, but I'd like that strength in other areas of life.

Now, the Dew is really a small temptation. I find I can deflect it in many cases, but it is strong enough that it creates for me just the right opportunity to test out this little study for myself. My test is what I am calling the "Don't do the Dew Challenge."

While going about my day, mostly at home or in the car on the way to the grocery store (You could do it in the office or a similar setting), I am keeping a can of Mountain Dew in front of me with the express purpose of resisting the urge to open and drink it. I will be constantly reminded of my desire for Mountain Dew by seeing it in front of me throughout the day, and this will give me practice in resisting temptation. The purpose is to increase my self control overall and see if the practice proves beneficial, not only in curbing my habit of doing the Dew, but also in resisting other temptations in life.

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