Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Super" Twisted

I just finished the movie "Super." Before renting it from netflix, I thought it would be some silly spoof on super-hero movies, but the reality was nothing I ever would have guessed. The reality was an incredibly twisted, disturbing, horrifying, bloody, violent, sad and sometimes funny mess.

At first it just seemed lame, and while there is no doubt the movie went for shock value when it comes to sex and violence - enough to make Cassie quit watching less than halfway through - there turned out to be more to it than just blood, angst and a host of inanities designed to draw pity for the anti-hero played by Rainn Wilson.

What I disliked: the movie was at many times... stupid. Over-the-top scenes of people being ridiculous gave it an almost vicious sadness. Though this very quality made the movie worthwhile at the end, it made it very difficult to care about the characters, relate to them, or even like them at all.

Next it was way too bloody and violent. Again, this gave the movie a certain disturbing quality that may appeal to a twisted or perverse audience, but it was uncomfortable and hard to watch. The sexual scenes had the same problem.

What I liked: the movie ended on a surprising, incredibly uplifting and moving note. There seemed to be no point to the movie except to revel in mediocrity, sadness, and violence, but it turned out much better than expected.

Above all, I believe this move had amazing acting. Rainn Wilson showed an incredible depth and range of feeling, and though his actions seemed over the top, his delivery was always believable and engaging. The other cast of characters were likewise brilliant. Ellen Page was amazing in her awkward excitement and sexually frustrated madness. I also liked Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon's performances better than in many of their other movies.

That being said, "Super" is not for the faint of heart. It's not even for the average person. It was disturbing and sick, sad and ridiculous, and... in the end... heartwarming.

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CassieU said...

nice review honey, but honestly, you are a unique person who likes to read through really long books and finally get something out of it...much like your patience with this movie. I'm glad it was redeeming to you, but I wouldn't recommend anyone watching this....pointless and I wish I could get the time back that I did spend watching it. (I love you.)