Monday, May 23, 2011

N.T. Wright

I've decided I need to spend more time listening to/reading this guy.

This particular video reveals a remarkable ability to cut through our cultural paradigms and address questions clearly and honestly, without bias or personal/cultural baggage.

N.T.Wright on Adam & Eve


Anonymous said...

Hi, i am from Australia.

Please find a completely different Understanding of Adam & Eve via this reference.

The Secrets of the Kingdom of God as taught and demonstrated by Jesus while he was alive.

On Death & Dying (or "heaven" via

The Truth about God

All of which is to say that Tom Wright is an ignorant twit, a religious simpleton, and it is a tragedy that he is taken so seriously.

Jake said...

I must say, it is foolish to take a respected scholar, call him names, and disregard all his teachings and then turn around and laud a spiritual leader with almost no scholarly credit, calling the one ignorant and the other brilliant.

Now if you disagree with a scholar's conclusions all the time, that is your own affair, but don't point to a work of esoteric reinterpretation, filled with spiritual-sounding words and confusing imagery as a model of excellent and rigorous teaching and intellect.

If you espouse the views of this teacher, I do not judge you, but if you wish to dialogue with others about it, it would be proper to show expertise. If the Garden of Eden story can be interpreted in these ways, demonstrate how and why historically. Don't just take an alternate worldview and paste it over the ancient text, unless you have evidence that the worldview is actually related. Anything else is mere speculation, and even if it is true, it is not fit for actual argument or study. It is only a belief that you hold in a reinterpretation of the text.