Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am incredibly glad that the election will soon be over. Only one week, and there will be no more of this crap. America will vote and one man will be the next president. I am just tired of this race for the white house. Do I still watch the political news every night? Yeah, okay. But seriously. We have the most unstable stock market since the GD. Today it shot up 900 points. That's not the kind of gains I like to see. Blah, it's just a mess.

Today I served a woman who had just lost her job. She was laid off from American Express. Apparently it was a big day for cuts. It felt strange to me, because I keep hearing about the affects of our economy and people losing jobs, but I rarely meet them, I guess, because my employers don't work that way on such a low level. Servers get fired sometimes, but we don't get laid off. The turnover rate is so high, we're constantly losing people anyway, and the pay is so low, cutting one server from the floor each day doesn't change the company's profits that much. And it just rarely happens to people I know and spend time with. And here someone was having just experienced it. And she was really nice, as she struggled to hold herself together. She had lunch with a friend (or relative), and I gave them good service, and they were both very thankful, and it was cool. I said, "have a good day," and she had a doubtful response, to which I replied that she should think positive, and she agreed.

I don't know what it is about it, but it is just different when it's staring you in the face. My guess is that this woman will be fine. She'll bounce back, she'll think positive and work to achieve her goals and she'll make ends meet and more. This country is the kind of place where people can do just that.

I guess it was just a little unnerving, as I think about where this country is going and realize, no one knows.

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CassieU said...

i feel it too...or rather don't. for whatever reason the circle of people i run into on a daily basis don't seem to be showing any sort of effect from the economic state we seem to be in. I know my brother and his family are...which seems like it should be closer to home that it is....anyhoo...it's hard to think about because it is such a big thing....shurg...