Sunday, April 08, 2007

ginger snaps

We had a mafia party tonight. It was really fun. I was never the mafia again on this night. That makes one game and one game only, out of several sessions over the past three months that I have actually been mafia. I really like trying to read people. What a great game. I do miss playing with my friends in Minneapolis. I often think of people I've enjoyed playing with a lot and I wish I could get them all together in one group and see what happens. I don't know why, exactly. It just fascinates me.

Rehearsal is going quite well. I'm enjoying all the blocking and music. I enjoy the chance to shine on the stage and to have my moment in the spotlight. I have to admit it is quite thrilling to me. It's fun working with great people, too. The director is great; the cast is really nice and really fun, supportive and decent people.

It seems I've had a shortage of deep thoughts lately. I believe I have just had a very different pace of life. I've been more busy and active. I've had a lot of wonderful time spent with my girlfriend. I've been working and playing hard. It just leaves little time for pondering the mysteries of the universe. It's not that I've stopped pondering, really, but it is probably not as much. Sometimes I feel like it's the land around me, too. It feels like you really need to dig deep to find water, in a spiritual sort of way. Or I get the sense that the nourishment of the spirit is all funneling into the primary task of "bearing fruit." I've mentioned before that I believe that I have entered what I might call the spring time of my life. To me that means that all my life energy is beiing put to this task. It's a time for planting, for growth, for rain, for sunshine, for budding, for roots deepening, for vitality, for all those experiences and qualities, physical and figurative, which have to do with Spring. I'm mainly working on expunging old unwanted habits and instilling new ways, new and fresh thoughts and patterns of life. I really like the idea of new life.

Anyway, I feel like I'm on the verge of babbling. Sometimes I wish I had something more profound to write, but then I realize that's entering the realm of vanity, for it is not so much a desire to be of great benefit to all with my vast profundity, so much as a desire to be esteeemed as a deep and profound (oxymoron?) person. So I'll stop here, fearing that I have already waxed more poetic than I meant; I'll quit before my attempt at profundity loses even the appearance of such.

p.s., there's no reason for the title of this blog. none.


your very happy girlfriend said...

or..are you secretly asking your mom to send you some more per the title of your blog...

Anonymous said...

Nice call gf -- must have worked cause the cookies are on their way. Love, ma