Friday, March 16, 2007

I knew it

I knew it! I totally knew it!

So I'm browsing nbc's website for shows that I may wish to watch, and I decide to check out the new show, Raines, with Jeff Goldblum. First off, I like the actor. He's not like my idol or anything, but I usually like him in whatever he does, and this show is no different. The show has a unique spiin to a detective story. Goldblum is the detective Michael Raines, who sees visions of his victims. The visions are not the victims themselves, coming to haunt him, but they are his own imagination, and they change to fit his understanding of the events as he learns more during the case.

So the victim shows up, and you learn that he has a history of this sort of thing happening, and it seems like he thought it had gone away. When it happens, he goes to a friend of his who knows his situation, meets in some office first, and he meets him several other places throughout the episode, each time talking about the case and talking about his vision of this girl who has been murdered. I got the sneaking suspicion and near the end I was almost certain of it, and I was thinking making some kind of prediction on my blog or something, when they actually come right out with it. As they're talking, Raines reveals that his friend is indeed one of his visions. It is a fact of which he is perfectly aware. It left me laughing, and I just had to brag that "I knew it!" I know it wasn't that difficult to piece together, but I liked being able to catch it, and it made the show very entertaining for me. I really like Jeff Goldblum in this show, and I really like the show itself.

Also, I watched an episode of 30 Rock, and was pleasantly surprised, but not really by the show itself. It was okay, entertaining, fun to watch and everything, but what really made me exuberant was seeing a guest appearance by none other than Brian Murray. For those of you who don't know who Brian Murray is, he's a stage actor who is now in the Theatre Hall of Fame, and he was Pope Pious IX in Edgardo Mine at the Guthrie, the show in which I played an extra. He was a magnificent actor and great to work with. He came in, playing the father of Alec Baldwin's character in a little family spat that was the focus of the episode. I was just delighted to see him, short as his role was, and it brought back memories and made me smile.

Speaking of theatre, rehearsals start for My Fair Lady in a week and a day, and I am really pumped. It'll just be awesome to be on the stage again.

I bought a bike the other day. Found it on Craigslist. It wasn't too much, and I like the bike. And I was talking to the guy I sold it to, and he said he and his wife have season tickets to the Grand Theatre, so they'll be seeing the show. It was cool to be like, "I'm in that show!"

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