Sunday, September 10, 2006


After winning yet another game of Risk against my friends at church, I just have to wonder:

Do I stomp everybody at Risk in all my other alternate realities? If my 4th-dimensional self is anything like I think it is, then every 3-dimensional version of me would have to be imbibed with the qualities that make up... me... and so I'd basically kick butt at Risk, no matter which 3-D reality I was a part of. Wouldn't I?

Don't ask me what I mean. It hurts my head. Ask Luke Hillesomething, because he likes to talk about it. Me, it's late and I'm not sure what anything is anymore.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you simply need some worthy Opponents...hahaha. there's encouragement for ya.

luke said...

watch out jake, 18 out of my 32 five dimensional selves have been mentally preparing for this coming sunday, and 7 more are still practicing rolling sixes. 5 others are emailing donald rumsfeld for advice. One is typing rediculous things on the computer and one is sleeping.

Jake said...

whoa. Luke, some of your other selves have a lot of time on their hands. I'm sure one of these times you'll all gang up on me right from the get-go, like you've been threatening to do. But we'll see.

Anna said...

I think you posted this comment too soon. You didn't know I was coming home. ha ha. Actually, now we just have to play a regular full game version and see how I do, but I think I'm getting better every time.