Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mbabane and Bruchko

Andrew and I are in an internet cafe in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland. A few of us have come here today to buy foods that we couldn't have brought across the border (meat/dairy: they are somewhat overly protective against things like Bird Flu). Plus we get to experience the city, which is quite a bit different than the hill country where Bulembu is, where we are staying and working normally. We went into a store in the mall that sold suits, and Andrew and I talked to a young man who was working there, and he was very interested in what we were doing. He showed a lot of appreciation for our coming here to help out at the school and the orphanages and the other ministries in Bulembu. He went on a lot about the poverty in Swaziland that the rest of the world doesn't always recognize. The wealth in this country tends to be a bit centralized with rich areas. One walks around Mbabane and imagines it's not so bad, or even in Bulembu it seems pretty nice, but most of the rural areas, people live in shacks and starve to death. And it is really all over Swaziland.

Anyway, that was a good time. I am really enjoying reading a book called Bruchko, about a missionary from Minnesota to the Motilone Indians in Venezuela/Columbia. I am challenged over and over again to turn over all my direction and all my way of life to the Spirit and let him lead me to the place where he wants me. I wish that I had the kind of direction that Bruce Olson had (Bruchko). I do not really care for the kind of suffering he went through, but he knew his purpose. I have searched for that kind of purpose in the way of Jesus for most of my life. And I know I have felt the same strength of spiritual conviction that I have purpose, but I have never felt such great direction about what it is. Nor have I had the wherewithal to obey the Spirit's promptings all the time, though arguably I do not have the kind of awareness that tells me which promptings are really from the spirit, nor the ability to foster such awareness. But I long for it, and I have been praying for it, especially since reading this book.

Not much else to speak on right now. I'm writing on my own blog right now, and not the cooperative blog with my brother, which is at brotherstoafrica.blogspot.com, because I felt my blog was feeling lonely, and I did not want to disappoint those who are paying attention to it. I do not miss much about my way of life in the States. I am living simply, no tv, rarely internet (my time is almost up for this one), and not even a radio. We make our own meals, we go to bed at 8:30 and get up at 6:00. And I really like it. So that's how things are right now. Please keep praying for me, as I really want to find direction in my life, not just for when I return, but for myself now. I want to live in the Spirit and establish the habit and the practice of God's presence. I want to be a blessing in the world. Pray for me, please. Thanks to all of you who are and who have been. Pray for Swaziland, and if the Spirit leads you, do not hesitate to get involved in his ministry here. I just want to thank everyone very much. I have to go now, because my time is almost up. I'll write more later, I guess.


srchngformystry said...

i was just thinking of you, jake, and there you are with a post. i love it. hope you are well, and i am praying for you and andrew.

post some pics, if you can.

the Eubanks said...

I just tried to post a comment, but I'm not sure if it went through. anyway, I just created a Eubanks Family blog - theeubanks.blogspot.com

Be safe, I love you, and you're in my prayers. :)

Anna said...

Hey Jacob, I won at Settlers the last two times we played before I left. . . too bad I couldn't beat you too!
I've read Bruchko. . . a long time ago but I remember it as being a very challenging book. A lady I worked with at the U goes to his church when he is in the States and he always visits her.
Thinking of you right now!