Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lucky Number Sle7en

Lucky Number Sle7en was really cool. I'm not really big on the theme of killing people, and the movie didn't "speak to me" or make me evaluate my life. But I don't look to find that in every movie I go to. It was just a really cool movie. It was fun to try and figure out what was going on almost the whole time. And they pulled off everything with really great timing. They always said just enough to keep you interested, while veiling just enough to keep you wondering. And it was surprisingly funny at times. Josh Hartnett actually did a really good job. I haven't seen much of him at all, truthfully, but I was impressed with his acting in this one. Bruce Willis was his usual stoic self, and I find it entertaining, so it's alright. Lucy Liu was actually a surprise in this film. I've never seen her in that kind of character. She was funny, care-free, exiciting, vivacious. I usually see her in the more serious role of the dignified asian beauty. In this she was the "girl next door," literally as well as archetypally, and she pulled it off wonderfully. All-in-all, a movie worth seeing. I enjoyed it a lot.

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