Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something I'm really, really enjoying

I just want to say that I am really really enjoying kicking the snot out of my friends at board games on Sunday night.


Here's to all of you, my friends! :P


Anna said...

We are so playing settlers on Sunday. I just don't have much experience at Risk yet. You are getting too stuck up. It's a good thing you going to Africa. It will humble you.

Empty Voice said...

I am going to voraciously study Risk strategy and on Pentacost the Holy Spirit will be with me as I krush you all like a grape!!! BWahahahahaha!!!!

Jake said...

I was hoping that would spark reactions from people. Haha. Anna, I think you're doing fine at Risk. I actually shouldn't have won either of the games that I won. But certain people made certain mistakes, which made it possible. I'm just having a fun time.

Anna said...

I'm going to miss you. Sniff. Sniff.