Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I love spring. I can't stand the long cold of winter anymore. I need a place where the weather is nice, where green plants are growing and the sun is shining. Today is the best spring day we've had so far. It wasn't hot or oppressive like some summer days can be. It was cool, refreshing, the sun shinging, the breeze blowing. I was agitated earlier today. I was cooped up in this church where I lead music, plainning the worship set for Sunday and just hanging out, reading and the like. I couldn't stand it. I was going crazy and making myself frustrated and angry. So I decided I was just so restless, I needed to go for a walk. Lo and behold, it was gorgeous. It was brilliant and perfect outside, as I walked down Hastings. Even with all the cars driving by, which usually I don't care for, I loved being outside, looking at all the houses and admiring the trees and the grass that was turning green again.

I also came to a realization: I need to start some form of gardening. This may seem weird, because I'm a guy and, well, I just don't know of a lot of gardeners who are not either women or rather elderly. But you have to start some time. The thing is, gardening isn't exactly something that's been available to me in the past 8 years. But the truth is, I'd rather plant trees. I love trees and seeing them grow and seeing life develop and spring up. That's part of why I love spring. Everything is so full of life: all the colors are brilliant, all the feelings are vibrant, and everything is more upbeat. Spring makes me smile with more genuine happiness than possibly anything else I've experienced. The only downpoint is the loneliness. I would love to walk through some place more remote, with less cars and useless shops, but I'd feel very alone without the right person there with me. I don't know. Nevertheless, I'm going to enjoy this spring as much as I can. If I were an expressive person, I think people would be surpriised at my feelings, because I don't always show them. Now I'm back in this dingy church, and it's really dim and there's no sun, so I'm going to go outside and read.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Today was wonderful. I love to garden and reap the rewards of fresh fruits and veggies. The green and freshness is also something to behold (I plant a new tree every earth day). One of my favorite places to visit when it's grey or I'm feeling down is the arboretum. I share you pain, being single often sucks! There is no way to make being single glamorous. Hopefully we will someday find the love of our life (& she will hopefully feel the same).

Peace & Love, Erik =/

Jake said...

Thanks a lot, Erik. You're awesome, man. You encourage me.

Anna said...

You're right, that day was great, but I also enjoyed yesterday when it rained. All day I was also going crazy cooped up in the office. . . it was so hot, and everyone kept piling work on me. I just felt the opression building up. But then it just started raining. I love rain. Instead of taking the bus to my car like I sometimes do, I walked the whole twenty-five minutes in the rain. Rain reminds me of God's power, it wakes me up and pulls me outside of myself and my problems, it makes me feel alive.

Jake said...

yeah, I like the rain, too. I'd love running around in it if I din't have to go through drying off afterward. I like the rain a lot. That's another good reason to love spring.