Thursday, March 23, 2006


'Twas bryllig, and ye slythy toves
Did gire and gymble in ye wabe:
All mimsy were ye borogoves;
And ye mome raths outgrabe.

That settles it. Lewis Carroll was cracked. I've spent the entire time reading this book wondering if there would be some deeper meaning that we should all pay attention to. But I think he just made up some random stuff. He was on drugs and he saw some crazy #@*!%, and then he wrote it all down in his stories. I enjoyed some of the word play, because it meshes with my kind of humor. For instance, the name of a certain poem was called 'Haddocks' Eyes', but the actual name of the poem is 'The Aged, Aged Man.' And still worse, the poem itself is called, 'Ways and Means', but the poem actually is 'A-sitting On A Gate.' As much as I enjoy the way we use language and twisting it all around, it actually gets really tedious with every single character correcting Alice on the things she says. Ah, well. At least the entire book was not like "Jabberwocky". That's it for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. When I write books for a living, I'm going to choose the longest titles possible for my works. I think that's funny. Then there will be no surprises concerning what the book is actually about. Alright, cool.


Jake said...

I have no idea why blogger turned my bleeping into a email link. It just happened as soon as I typed it in. Weird.

Anna said...

I finished Master and Margarita tonight too. I also think Mikhail Bulgakov was cracked. But maybe Ben the future Russian professor will set me straight. I have never read a more confusing book that seems as if it should have a deeper meaning, that I just can't figure out what the hell it is, in my life. Crap I said hell. Now the guys from my blog are going to come after me with a pitchfork.