Tuesday, November 29, 2005


At this very moment there is an ungodly racket coming from the floor above my apartment, where I can only assume there are very sloppy redecorators working on the entire room. Not only do things move around, but they pound continually onto the floor so that it seem like the ceiling is going to come toppling down on top of me. I am seriously afraid for my life. If I were working maintenance or recarpeting or moving things around, how would I go about dealing with things both heavy and loud? um... let me think. Maybe by being careful? I cannot presume to know all that there is to know in the world, but one thing I am certain of at the moment, and that is that this infernal pounding is NOT NECESSARY! And it isn't like a pounding like they're hammering something in. Oh, well, that's definitely a hammer, but for the rest, it's more like one person is trying to move a whole bunch of couches and can only let them drop and tumble all over the place instead of setting them down. Or he has to drag them from one end of the room to the other, causing disgusting grating noises or repetetive bouncing noises, which have no real rhythm (like pounding a hammer) but smack on the floor (my ceiling) with an irregularity which could drive any orderly man crazy. If there's one thing I hate, it is irregular pounding. Drilling is cool. Hammering, I can handle. The sounds of things getting done... I'm at peace. The sounds of chaos and ill-conceived remodel plans underway, those I cannot stomach. I should leave, but... well... I don't want to. And I'm stubborn.


Anna said...

Maybe someone finally listened to Jenie's complaints and is doing something about them?

cas* said...

I think you sound funny complaining about it..i was laughing as i read this blog...hahaha...it's funny the things that can get under our skin...there are plenty of things that bug me too, but it's funny reading aboout yours.