Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Batman Begins

In the new "Batman Begins" movie, Katie Holmes' character tells Bruce Wayne that it is not who you are on the inside that defines you. It's what you do that defines you.

That way of thinking is so contrary to what so many people have assumed and told me in my life. People tend to think a person's intentions or motives are more important than the actual outcome. But don't we have to admit that even if you say you love someone and you feel that you love someone and you think that you love someone, you don't actually love someone unless you do something. Until you love someone with your actions, your words, thoughts, and feelings don't mean anything. Thinking about it plainly, if you don't act out your love, then obviously there is something unloving, something selfish or something that overpowers the love that you may feel and causes you to decide against the loving inclination that you might actually have, but do not follow. Loving without action is not anything. It's a feeling; it's a little bit of nothing, without power in this world. Isn't it?

Isn't it?

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