Monday, July 26, 2004

Stuff that's supposed to be cute

Sometimes I just can't stand the stuff that's supposed to be cute. Like the commercials where the little kid pours cereal and the bowl overflows onto the floor, and then he does the same thing with the milk. I mean come on. Not only is it an appeal to people's sense of cuteness, which I really don't like because it has nothing to do with how good the cereal really is, but it's been done way too much. First of all, nobody's going to say, "Hey, everybody: Look how good this cereal is. It's tastes so great, that cute little kid just spilled some all over the floor. I can't wait to pour me a bowl. Maybe I'll end up pouring a bunch of it all over the floor, too." And secondly, if you're going to advertise, be original. I know it's hard nowadays, since most of the good stuff has already been done, but I think it's possible, and I just can't stand to watch one more kid spill some crap all over the floor, be it cereal, milk, orange juice, beer... Oh wait, that would be a cool one. I'd like to see a kid open a bottle of beer and try and pour it into a cold glass and spill it all over the floor, cause that would be different and really rather funny. But no milk. No orange juice. No cereal. No potato chips. None of that crap. Okay. Enough about cute stuff. Well, just one more thing. I know those things are supposed to be cute, because it's a little kid trying to do a grown-up thing that it can't really do, but it ruins it for me thinking of the reality, that some mom is actually going to come along and see the mess on the floor, reprimand the kid, sigh, and have to clean it all up. Once reality sets in, it's no longer cute. It's reality, and it sucks, because the little rascal made a big mess. Okay. That's it.

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