Sunday, April 18, 2004

A few thoughts about TV church stuff:

One of the most dispicable things that I have seen on television is evangelistic tv ministries. I've only seen a couple of different kinds, but through all of what I've seen, they seem to contain one consistent trait: they all give me a feeling of "wrongness." I don't know the best word for it. I'm not even sure about the real reason for it. But even if they say something I like or agree with, there's always some quality about the person speaking or the way it is said or something that makes me cringe. It seems like I even cringe when I hear someone on television say "God loves you." 'Cause they don't just say "God loves you." They say in this practiced kind of drawl. "Gaod luuvs youuu." It's always something that just makes me want to barf.

My other, more pressing thought about the decrepitude of tv ministries, is kind of people that are there. In many of them, I see a lot of white people with a lot of make-up and formal businesslike get-up who are on stage. These are the ones asking for money by preaching about how God is going to reward people handsomely for giving to their ministry. Bad enough to twist the word of God for profit. But it seems to me that I see mostly african american people in the audience. Now I don't want to overgeneralize too much, but it's safe to say that in a majority of America, a majority of african americans are on the poorer side, due to long historical reasons which I do not wish to pursue at this time. All history aside, what I see now is a few rich people corrupting the word of God to take advantage of a lot of poor people. Now that's just plain evil.

My last thought about tv ministries is merely musing. I find it strange, but there's a weird sick kind of attraction that I've been found to have with these shows. I almost enjoy suffering through their evil, misguided, or rediculous antics. I find it oddly fascinating, the way people can make fools and asses of themselves in front of God and in front of the whole world. Anyway. Just some thoughts on my mind. Time to do laundry. Man it's hot in here.

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